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"The swing is natural, elegant ... and your precious voice ... Each step is a surprise, thanks also to friends of great class who, together with Ligia, travel through their world, which, by the way, is also a lucky "This brief but significant commentary by Luciano Bertrand - well-known Piedmont musical agent, but at the time especially a great lover of Brazilian music - helps us get into the mood of this record, the third as leader (before we had" Life ", 2006 and" Mundo Melhor ", 2008), but so far the most important of course, by Ligia França, an original artist from Natal (Rio Grande do Norte) who has moved - fortunately for more than fifteen years our country. "My world is today" is a title that, after having dreamed of finally living in a better World, is doubly significant: the one that seemed only a hope then became a wonderful reality. "My world is today", or here, now - seems to want to affirm the Brazilian singer - a world to be lived intensely, without compromises because - and comes back to our rescue the subtitle of the song of Wilson Batista - "I am thus", sincere and transparent. Everything seems to be magic, but if the vocal thickness of Ligia France grew notably with respect to previous works, a part of the merit goes to the splendid group gathered for the recording. The thirteen songs, chosen with care and attention by the vocalist, form an original and refined repertoire. Already the opening is by itself a program, to be able to find the magnificent "The samba is my gift" of Wilson of the Neves, song of little more than ten years, is not for all. From a "national monument" like Ary Barroso, here are two songs proposed, certainly not the most famous ones, such as "Isto é meu Brasil" and "Camisa Amarela", and Ligia does not seem to fear comparison with Gal Costa when she faces with subtle sweetness " Nemeu "by Dorival Caymmi.

Surprising at last, the real jewel of the album, is the splendid interpretation of "Guard che luna", one of the great classics of Italian light music. The thirteen songs flow with pleasure, without ever feeling any diminution of interest, and even after repeated auditions the album appears fresh and pleasant. To the harmonic trio that accompanies the Christmas singer, composed of two other "Brazilian Brazilians" talents such as guitarist Roberto Taufic (who also has the merit of having signed almost all the orchestrations) and the bassist Edu Hebling, as well as the most Brazilian among the Italian musicians, the Bolognese drummer Roberto Rossi, joined two world-class musicians of the international scene: the Cuban pianist Aruan Ortiz (active since 1996 in Spain and since 2003 in New York, where he collaborated with Greg Osby and Francisco Mela, Myron Walden and Antoine Roney, and the immense Armando Marçal, a conductor from Rio de Janeiro who put his percussive art to the service of João Bosco, Pat Metheny and Stefano Bollani. It is especially thanks to this collaboration that the saudade becomes a subtle and captivating swing, never easy to discover nor trivial, permeating with a dense jazzy halo all the recording. Backed by a quintet of this value the voice of Ligia France can actually fly. Listen to believe!


  • Ligia França (voce/vocal)

  • Roberto Taufic (chitarra/guitar)

  • Aruan Ortiz (piano)

  • Edu Hebling (contrabbasso/double bass)

  • Roberto Rossi (batteria/drums)

  • Armando Marçal (percussioni/percussions)

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