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This is after almost three years of the album "Vida", "Mundo Melhor" Ligia's second album as a leader. It is a work that allows to appreciate even more the sensitivity and the talent of the native singer of Natal (Rio Grande do Norte). Salvatore Solimeno writes in the cover notes: "... Another woman, one more, in the immense tradition of Brazilian Popular Music .... This is Brazil. A small door to a better world(Mundo Melhor), where finally to leave in the corner the worse side, the war, to offer the best, the love. This is the theme of the song that Ligia chooses as the title of her second work, written in 1967, in a world still prisoner of the cold war, by the wonderful duo Vinícius de Moraes and Pixinguinha .... "

The new album is full of the talent and great musicality of Joca Costa, extraordinary guitarist, but not only, refined arranger, competent musical director, a true "deus ex-maquina" of the project. They deserve to be underlined the great qualities of the musicians who accompanied Ligia in this new adventure. Presence almost constant in the various groups are bassist Edu Bebling, pianist Vincenzo Vajarelli and drummer Marcio Pereira. Varied and diversified the list proposed by the singer Natal, who has the merit of having chosen some of the less inflated songs in the Brazilian repertoire. Precious presences of the woodwinds, especially those of Venetian pluri-saxophonist Piero Bittolo Bom. The best results however happen when Ligia is accompanied only by the acoustic guitar, instrument like few others suitable to the bossa-nova intimate and delicate that she prefers. This happens in the refined Future Lovers of Chico Buarque, enriched by the touch swing of Sandro Gibellini, in the sweet "Me Fala Assim", composed and played by Ennio Righetti and in the moving Tomorrow, where it is beautifully supported by the great Joca Costa, music that closes in the best of an intense and appreciable album.


  • Ligia França (voce/vocal)

  • Joca Costa (chitarre/guitars)

  • Vincenzo Vajarelli (piano, Fender Rhodes)

  • Edu Hebling (basso e contrabbasso/bass & double bass)

  • Marcio Pereira (batteria/drums)

  • Taiata (percussioni/percussions)


  • Piero Bittolo Bon (alto sax, bass clarinet, flute) on 1/6/7/9

  • Raffaele Cherubino (tenor & soprano sax) on 4/8

  • Enrico Pagnin (soprano sax) on 10

  • Stefano Scalzi (trombone) on 4

  • Sandro Gibellini (chitarra/guitar) on 2

  • Ennio Righetti (chitarra/guitar) on 5

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